The outcome of LEVERAGE is simple.

To help you create a Leveraged Real Estate Business that produces half million a year in commissions or more working 4.5 days a week or less.

I'm working with a group of 100 hand picked clients, and helping them dominate over a 12 month period. We have the perfect mix of accountability, best practices, a top class peer group, project focus and personal guidance, direction from me And experiences to help you enjoy your new found free time.

Are you up to the challenge?



Dan P.

"I've been in the business for 26 years. My business is up 35% I'm down 35 pounds and I'm more relaxed than I've ever been before. Leverage has given me the skills, mindset and system to literally have it ALL!"

Daniel M.

"One escrow opened, two listing appointments set and 10 overall escrows open right now in the past week. I’ve been with Leverage for a couple years now and my business just keeps growing. I do more in a week than I used to do in a quarter."

Jose B.

"I stopped smoking I lost 70 pounds and my income increased 4 fold. I’ve never missed a Leverage call since the beginning and this is why my life has changed"


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